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Put GPS to work.

Accurate machine control

available for nearly anything that digs, grades, or paves

Complete cut & fill blade control solution

Automatic blade control

For skid steer, scraper, grader, or dozer applications


Grading solution to control water flow, erosion and standing water on the surface of farmers’ fields.

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Our RTK GPS-based solutions are available for skid steers, dozers, graders, scrapers, excavators and most road building equipment.

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Provide a detailed topographic survey, eliminating surveyor stakes and provide accurate data for earth moving operations

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DIRT is automatic blade control for skid steer, scraper, grader, or dozer applications, to conduct rough and fine land shaping activities with all sizes of equipment.

  • Accurate mobile mapping for topography
  • RTK Control Point management
  • Complete cut & fill blade control solution


GRADE is a topographical survey solution for rough grade (elevation) checking and asset management

  • Collect accurate topographic data
  • Grade checking for construction and agriculture
  • Locate assets, geographic points or other job site points


AMW DITCH is a turn key RTK GNSS based surface drainage control solution that fully controls all surface water management equipment like Ditchers and Scrapers.

  • Creates ditch profiles or import ditch design
  • Compatible with all GPS brands, calibrated with CHC i70
  • Interfaces with Tractor / Dozer Remote Valves and CANBUS
  • Works with all scraper and ditcher configurations


AMW PIPE is a turn key RTK GPS based Tile Plow control solution that automatically calculates tile depth and slope, then controls installation.

  • Creates tile profiles or imports tile design
  • Controls mounted or towed tile plow elevation and fore slope
  • Record tile placement in real time

Over 30 years of advanced machine guidance, machine control and GNSS knowhow.

AMW Machine Control has been developing 3D machine control systems for years, leading the way with total station technology, GPS, and, most recently, RTK GPS. AMW offers the most accurate machine control available for nearly anything that digs, grades, or paves.

High Accuracy Satellite
Positioning Solutions for Machine Control

Available Worldwide

AMW Machine Control software is available through direct sales, dealers, and distributors around the world.