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AMW History

Founded in 1987

About the founders Mark and Alan Williams

Mark Williams has spent his entire life in farming and construction. As a young man, he worked on the family farm and for his father in the roadbuilding industry where he gained considerable hands-on experience in aggregate and asphalt production, paving, earthmoving and bridge building. Mark’s combined 50+ years of farming and construction experience has provided him with unique insight on the challenges associated with roadbuilding and farming operations. Mark continues to play a central role in the business as Director of Product Management.

Mark’s cousin Alan Williams worked some summer jobs for the family business while studying mathematics, physics and computer science. Alan graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Michigan College of Engineering in 1970 and with a master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Michigan in 1974. Between degrees, Alan was a member of the Peace Corps and served in Africa teaching math and English. After graduation, Alan worked for Chrysler Corp., Knowledgeware, and several other software companies before joining Mark fulltime in 1995.

Using his construction and farming experience, Mark identified an opportunity in 1985 to use computers to compare earth volumes and checking grade on earthmoving projects. In 1987, while at a family reunion, Alan and Mark discussed the possibilities of using computers in various construction applications. By 1989, Alan had produced a computer program that would perform survey calculations using a total station connected to a computer. Soon thereafter, a program was developed that would complete complex calculations quickly enough to perform machine control. For the first time, precision grading could be done utilizing a machine guidance solution without the need of stakes and grade checkers. It was the origin of modern machine control!

Over the next 25 years, Alan and Mark worked to improve the speed and accuracy of mobile mapping and machine control. Specialized programs and hardware were designed and built for both construction and agriculture. By 1996, a solution for layout, coal piles and machine control for tile plows had been developed. Soon thereafter, full GPS machine control for dozers, graders, tile plows, trimmers, pavers, scrapers and rotary ditchers had been developed. In the years that followed, Alan and Mark focused on water management for agriculture, paving in construction, compaction in landfills and introduced numerous machine control solutions in these segments.

AMW Machine Control Inc. (“AMW”) was formed by Mark and Alan in 2010 and started working with CHC Navigation in 2013. CHC Navigation’s suite of high quality, innovative and stable GNSS products were a very good fit for AMW’s machine control products. Over the next five years, AMW and CHC Navigation worked cooperatively to improve and enhance the application of GNSS to machine control and associated hardware for construction and agriculture. In 2018, CHC Navigation acquired AMW’s business to bring the next generation of complete machine control solutions to the global market. Operating as AMW Machine Control Solutions Inc. (“AMW Solutions”), the company announced its newly developed, Android™ based AMW GRADE™ I & II and DIRT™ I & II products in September 2018. This was followed by the introduction by AMW Solutions of AMW PIPE™ and AMW DITCH™ machine control solutions in November 2018.

As AMW Solutions looks to the future, it will continue to develop and roll out new and innovative machine control products and solutions utilizing CHC Navigation’s GNSS products to both the domestic and international agricultural and construction markets.