Compact™ Software

Compact™ SoftwareGPS airspace and compaction monitoring system

Compact™ Software adds intelligence to landfill management. As an indicate system with telemetry, Compact Software enables compactor and dozer operators to monitor surface elevation changes, volume, as-builts, and interim face levels, with real-time data for optimal air space management.

AMW Compact SoftwareReliable two-way data and correction communication is by cellular and radio signals between the base, rovers, the office, and machinery. Constant exchange of data prevents over- or under-built slopes, overlapping passes, and excessive use of fuel. In-cab information tells operators where other machines and hazard areas are located; the office can review and modify work in progress.

Automatic calculations summarize the work of each shift for ongoing productivity assessment.

Working with Other AMW Software ProductsLandfill compactor using GPS for airspace compaction monitoring.

Compact Software includes Topo Software as a component to collect topographic data. For a complete system, WaterCourse Design Software could be used to design methane or water run-off collection systems, which could be implemented with Dig Software.

Technical Specifications

Runs on Windows XP and above.

Learning to Use Compact Software

Training is available through participating dealers.

Extend the productive life of your landfill with Compact Software. Locate a dealer near you or contact AMW Machine Control.