With software from AMW Machine Control, compactor and dozer operators have better results from minimal equipment movement. Landfill managers can receive daily topographic maps showing the results of each shift’s work, for better grade, slope, and build planning.

Putting real-time information in the cab with equipment operators means faster, more accurate results, with better placement and greater compaction. AMW software provides automatic volume and area calculations.

Compact™ Software uses telemetry to give operators real-time information about air space and compaction, extending the life of a landfill. Optimizing allotted air space is easy when the operator can see which areas are more or less likely to continue to compact.

Topo™ Software does mobile mapping, collecting topographic data while the user traverses the site. More accurate than aerial topographic mapping, Topo Software data is easily transferred to other programs for design or analysis.

With WaterCourse™ Design, complete designs can eliminate standing water and assure that rainwater runs off for optimal drainage, as well as perform precise volume calculations, grid comparisons and surface comparisons through data collected during daily operations. WaterCourse is available for surface design or subsurface tiling system design, or both, and can be used to design a tiled methane collection system for a waste management facility.

Excavation for installation of gas recovery lines can be accurate the first time with Dig™ Software from AMW Machine Control. GPS data informs the operator for precision bucket control; different software versions provide guidance or control.

Dirt™ Software makes bulldozer, scraper, or blade site work easy and productive, putting accurate information in the hands of the operator on-site. On-screen information gives the operator what’s needed for site preparation or contour management; automatic grade control offers additional accuracy and productivity.

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