Your GPS Guide: GPS Guided Silage Compaction

By Matt Kurmas

Your GPS Guide logoAMW’s Compact™ software has been used in landfill waste compaction successfully for many years. We are working diligently to apply and offer the same revolutionary concepts for GPS guided silage compaction. In fact, the technology can be applied to any circumstance where a material needs to be compacted. Precise GPS measurements and innovative software combine to give an operator the ability to visually track compaction progress, working area and elevation targets.

Proper compaction in an open silo is crucial to silage production. Inadequate compaction of material can result in major loss of profits due to poor fermentation. The job of the operator is to remove oxygen by spreading even layers of material, and driving over just enough times while not missing any area.

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Your GPS Guide: Compact™ Achieves Landfill Compaction Best Practices

By Matt Kurmas

Your GPS Guide logoThe goal of any professional landfill is the same: Compact the trash tightly while spreading material efficiently and uniformly, to ensure maximum revenue and life expectancy. The AMW Compact Software offers a highly accurate tool that aids in the completion of all compaction and landfilling best techniques.

As mentioned in Rick Zettler’s article for Public Works Magazine, Five Landfill Compaction Best Practices, there are only a few basic rules and techniques necessary for success in landfill waste compaction.

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