Your GPS Guide: GPS Guided Silage Compaction

By Matt Kurmas

Your GPS Guide logoAMW’s Compact™ software has been used in landfill waste compaction successfully for many years. We are working diligently to apply and offer the same revolutionary concepts for GPS guided silage compaction. In fact, the technology can be applied to any circumstance where a material needs to be compacted. Precise GPS measurements and innovative software combine to give an operator the ability to visually track compaction progress, working area and elevation targets.

Proper compaction in an open silo is crucial to silage production. Inadequate compaction of material can result in major loss of profits due to poor fermentation. The job of the operator is to remove oxygen by spreading even layers of material, and driving over just enough times while not missing any area.

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The Innovator’s Angle: Engineered Fills for Waste Management

By Mark Williams

The Innovator's Angle logoSince AMW first adapted its GPS machine control software for landfills in the early 2000s, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with numerous waste management professionals around the world. Based on my own decades of experience in construction, and through hundreds of conversations with landfill operators, I’ve come to understand these six points as the most important rules of engineered fills:

Know the material. Understand the waste stream, and its fluctuations of quantity and makeup.

Measure the moisture content precisely, and know how it relates to the current waste stream.

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Your GPS Guide: Compact™ Achieves Landfill Compaction Best Practices

By Matt Kurmas

Your GPS Guide logoThe goal of any professional landfill is the same: Compact the trash tightly while spreading material efficiently and uniformly, to ensure maximum revenue and life expectancy. The AMW Compact Software offers a highly accurate tool that aids in the completion of all compaction and landfilling best techniques.

As mentioned in Rick Zettler’s article for Public Works Magazine, Five Landfill Compaction Best Practices, there are only a few basic rules and techniques necessary for success in landfill waste compaction.

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Upgrade Promotion: Pipe III and IV Software

Upgrade Promotion: AMW Pipe III and IV SoftwareAMW Machine Control is pleased to announce an upgrade promotion for loyal customers interested in our Pipe III or IV tile plow machine control software!

This limited time offer is valid ONLY for software originally purchased as AGPS Pipe FM+, to now be upgraded to AMW Pipe III or Pipe IV. You can locate a dealer in your area for more information through the contact page, as well as other upgrades and titles available for your machine control needs. If you’re in the Morgan, MN or New Carlisle, OH areas, our partners at Crary Tile Pro and AgRePlan will be happy to assist you with this promotion.

Upgrade to Pipe III – $1,500
Upgrade to Pipe IV – $3,000

Offer expires on January 31, 2016.
Use Promo Code: LTOFMPlus

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The Innovator’s Angle: Planning Successful Projects

By Mark Williams

The Innovator's Angle logoWhether a tile system, earthworks, paving project or landfill, there are three common threads in planning a successful project:

1. A high accuracy topographic map of the project area is critical. Depending on the scope of the project the designer can use photogrammetry, GPS mobile mapping, LIDAR, or standard data collection methods. Background imaging and existing data can also be incorporated for more detail.

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