IALICA Midwest Construction Expo and Field Day 2015

Interested in putting GPS to work on your construction equipment?

AMW will be at the Iowa Land Improvement Contractors Association (IALICA) exposition on July 29th and 30th, 2015 near Melbourne, Iowa. We’re bringing some exciting new software for those who depend on precision excavation, and will have the hardware with us to show it off!

Learn more about IALICA and this yearly event at their website. They’ve also recently announced a webinar on water management systems from the midwestern farmer/practitioner and research/extension specialist perspectives, so catch that if you can.

See you in Iowa!

The Innovator’s Angle: Planning Successful Projects

By Mark Williams

The Innovator's Angle logoWhether a tile system, earthworks, paving project or landfill, there are three common threads in planning a successful project:

1. A high accuracy topographic map of the project area is critical. Depending on the scope of the project the designer can use photogrammetry, GPS mobile mapping, LIDAR, or standard data collection methods. Background imaging and existing data can also be incorporated for more detail.

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The History of AMW: 25+ Years of Innovation

In the world of GPS-based data collection and precision machine control, 25 years is a lifetime.

AMW Machine Control, Inc. is proud of our humble beginnings in 1987, and excited to further our goal of offering efficiency and accuracy to the agricultural, construction and waste management industries. Our accomplishments include:

1987 – Alan and Mark Williams begin software production with Topo, an electronic total station-based data collection tool. Their partnership is the precursor to the AMW Machine Control, Inc. of 2015 and beyond.

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