AMW & AgRePlan at the National Farm Machinery Show

AMW National Farm Machinery Show

AgRePlan National Farm Machinery Show

Mark Williams, John Wagner and GI John Priest will be representing AMW and AgRePlan at the National Farm Machinery Show from February 10 – 13, 2016. This event continues to be the largest indoor farm show in America, with 850 exhibitors covering 1.2 million square feet of floor space within the Kentucky Exposition Center. The Louisville-based show has been leading technology and agriculture for 50 years, with a full schedule of exhibitions, seminars, presentations and the infamous tractor pull.

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Ag Brain Drain: Water Management in the North and South

By John Wagner

Ag Brain Drain logoI have spent the harvest months traveling and visiting with dealers and customers in the southern United States, and have really enjoyed the time spent with the folks in the South. I have come away with a perspective of water management that really has not changed much for me. What has changed for me is an appreciation that in the South, they have a certain mastery of surface water management, which growers in the North don’t seem to have or take an interest in. Water management in the North and South are very different beasts. Continue reading “Ag Brain Drain: Water Management in the North and South”

Ag Brain Drain: Success in Indiana

By John Wagner

Ag Brain Drain logo“Twenty inches of rain, since the first of June,” Adam Herre told me, on June 19th, 2015. Fortunately, Herre Farms of Rensselaer, Indiana, had invested in a Wolverine Extreme ditcher equipped with AMW Machine Control’s Ditch software. They planned and built their waterways in 2014.

Last fall, Adam mapped the elevation of his farm, then had surface depression models and flow paths built by AgRePlan. He went out to the field and connected the depressions along natural flows following the model maps to several outlets. So I asked Adam this morning, “How does it look? And what is the outcome after surface draining the farm?”

He replied:

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Ag Brain Drain: Tech Support

By John Wagner

Ag Brain Drain logoThis time of year, my phone rings off the hook. My customer on the other end often says the same thing:  “My GPS is NOT working!”  Every time, I go through a standard set of questions to try to get to the bottom of what “isn’t working.” But what does “not working” really mean?  What information does that customer have that might help a technician like me?

Is everything powered on?  

How many satellites are you tracking?

What is your correction update rate?

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