Ag Brain Drain: Tech Support

By John Wagner

Ag Brain Drain logoThis time of year, my phone rings off the hook. My customer on the other end often says the same thing:  “My GPS is NOT working!”  Every time, I go through a standard set of questions to try to get to the bottom of what “isn’t working.” But what does “not working” really mean?  What information does that customer have that might help a technician like me?

Is everything powered on?  

How many satellites are you tracking?

What is your correction update rate?

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The History of AMW: 25+ Years of Innovation

In the world of GPS-based data collection and precision machine control, 25 years is a lifetime.

AMW Machine Control, Inc. is proud of our humble beginnings in 1987, and excited to further our goal of offering efficiency and accuracy to the agricultural, construction and waste management industries. Our accomplishments include:

1987 – Alan and Mark Williams begin software production with Topo, an electronic total station-based data collection tool. Their partnership is the precursor to the AMW Machine Control, Inc. of 2015 and beyond.

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WasteExpo 2015 Conference

Come say ‘hello’ in sunny Las Vegas!

Between June 1st and 4th, AMW will be a returning exhibitor at WasteExpo 2015. We’ll be at Booth #1034, towards the northeast corner and beer garden. Come chat with us about GPS technology, precision machine control and our landfill management systems.

Stop by to see how AMW can put GPS to work for you!